Vol 8 No 1 (July 2020) SIJASH

Perceiving Reality through Absurdity: a Prime Projection in Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and Ahmad’s the Thing
Shahnaj Parvin, Rahman M Mahbub

Historical Development of Sultan Yussuf School (SYS), Batu Gajah in the State of Perak, Malaysia, 1907 – 1957
Ganesan Shanmugavelu, Khairi Ariffin

Visualizing the Citation Analysis of Scholarly Communication of Ayurveda Research During 1923-2018: An Exploratory Study
Manuelraj Peter, Mohamed Idhris, Spurgeon Anandraj

A Study of the Decorations in the Four Minarets of Sultan Hussein Mirza School in Herat
Ghulam Hazrat Hassas

A Tulip in the Roman Curia: Proposing Novel Acronyms for Arminian and Lutheran Theology
Sean Welsh

Community Based Rural Drinking Water Supply System (Sustainability Challenge in Kannahipuram CBO Scheme)
M Riswan, P Ishaq

Inequalities in Farm Sector Labour Force in India
Sonali Chakraborty

Understanding Revised NAAC Grading Pattern
Swapnil S Alhat

The Covid-19 and its Impact on Human Life: An Empirical Study
Sai Charan Konanki, K Dasaratharamaiah

The Impact of WTO on Food Security System of India
Aparna Pandey, Poonam Singh

The Socio- Economic Impact of Covid-19 or Corona Pandemic in India
Swapnil P. Dhatrak

Essentials of Organizational Leadership for Quality Enhancement in Educational Institutions
Sushant Kumar Nayak

Academic Activity of Students and Smartphone: A Study with Reference to College Students of Udupi Area of Karnataka
Deekshitha, Manjula, Gaonkar Gopalakrishna M

A Study on Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Ocimum Sanctum L (Tulsi) Leaf Extract & their Antimicrobial Activity: A Green Chemistry Approach
Swati Goyal

Creating Financial Statements For Start-Ups
Tanneru Anusha, Nedunuri Sushma, M B Sai Rohit, A Akhil

Dalit Autobiography: A Study of Dalit Women’s Autobiographies
G D Suresh

Population Backfire: Hindsight to Malthusian Catastrophe
R Ramya, CC Babu, P Akshay

Right to Information and Whistle Blower: A Journey from Theory to Practice
Aditi Nidhi, Nideesh Kumar TV

Research contribution of University of Kerala in the field of Tamil: A Study
L S Suguna

Multiauditing Based Cloud Storage Using a Dynamic Hash Table
K Arun Kumar, R Mohammed Harun Babu, S Kalaivanan, V Kanimozhi

A Study on Customer Satisfaction towards Banking Services of IndusInd Bank in Vadalur Town
T S Kumar, V Vinothini

Effect of Dietary Habits on Body Mass Index of the Selected Population in Tamil Nadu
V Bhavani, N Prabhavathy Devi

A Study on Recycling of Saw Dust and Pollution-Free Indian Railways
P Rajkumar, B Vijay Bhaskar

Architecture of Kalyana Pasupatheswarar Temple, Karur
P Suresh Kumar

Investigating the Factors Influence Adoption of Internet Banking in Chennai: Adopters Perspective
J Anand, S Radha

Ethnobotanical Medicines Used by the Kani and Kurichiyar Tribal Communities of Kerala
T Purushothaman, K Irfana Mol

Archaeological Excavations in Tamil Nadu with Special Reference to Keezhadi – A Review
T Ramaswamy

The Precaution Science of Traditional Folk Worship to Pandemic Disease
M Anbarasu, A Gurusamy, D Udhaya Nandhini

Value Added Products from Yam (Dioscorea spp.)
S M Prasad, V Vijayashree, P Janaki Raman, Cissie Theeblyn David, P Mageswari

Coronavirus: A Scientometric Study with Special Reference to Web of Science
L Radha

The Phases of Flower in Sangam Tamil Literature
M Anbarasu, D Udhaya Nandhini

Influence of Flipped Classroom in enhancing Achievement in Chemistry of the students of XI Standard
C Manoharan, S Birundha

Conflicts against Rajaji and his Ministry
S Jeyakumar

Air Pollution – A Problematic Issue
P Jafari Shalkouhi

Pharmaceutical Market Structure in India & Competition Concerns
M Chitra, Nandan Kumar

Ghana Go Digital Agenda: The impact of Zipline Drone Technology on Digital Emergency Health Delivery in Ghana
John Demuyakor