978-93-86537 Series

ISBN 978-93-86537 Series

Agricultural Technology and Sustainable Rural Development


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-00-3

Computerized Accounting

Dr. K. Priya and C. Saravanan

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-01-0

Quantitative Aptitude

Dr. K. Priya and B. Jeeva Rekha

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-02-7

Innovation and Implementation of Information Technology in Global Business

Department of Commerce, Arul Anandar College

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-03-4

National Conference on “New Media, Contemporary Issues and Its Impact on Adolescence”

Indo Asian Academy Degree College, Bangalore

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-04-1

Recent Trends in Contemporary Literature

Sri S. Ramasamy Naidu Memorial College, Sattur

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-05-8

National Conference on “English – The Living Language”

Indo Asian Women’s Degree College, Bangalore

» ISBN: 978–93-86537-06-5

4th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology

Pandian Saraswathi Yadav Engineering College, Madurai

» ISBN: 978–93-86537-07-2

Kannada Basha Sahitya Nadedu Banda Daari – Avalokana

Indo Asian Academy Degree College, Bangalore

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-08-9

Literature of the Exiles Cultural Depletion and Culture Mix

Dept of English Literature, Arul Anandar College, Madurai

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-09-6

National Conference on “Emerging Trends in Information Technology”

Indo Asian Academy Degree College, Bangalore

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-10-2

Green Marketing

P.Duraisamy, Dr.B.Seethadevi, K.Shenbagam and Dr.V.Selvam

» ISBN: 978–93-86537-11-9

Financial Sector and Sustainable Development

Dr.G.Santhiyavalli, Dr.P.Santhi and Dr.P.Deivanai

» ISBN: 978–93-86537-12-6

Learning and Teaching

Dr.D.Chithra and S.Anitha

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-13-3

International Conference on Automotive Systems Agricultural Equipments and Manufacturing

Dept of Automobile Engineering, Kalasalingam University, Krishnankoil

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-14-0

National Conference on “A Paradigm Shift in Managing Enterprises – The Emerging Future”

Indo Asian Academy Degree College, Bangalore

» ISBN: 978–93-86537-15-7

Human Rights and Women


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-18-8

E Business Growth and Challenges in India

Dr.P.Santhi, Dr.K.Priya and Dr.V.Selvam

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-20-1

National Conference Innovative Technology to Combat Climate Change in India

Dept of Sciences Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain First Grade College, Kolar Gold Fields

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-21-8

Hindi Me Media Ka Yogdan

Indo Asian Academy Degree College, Bangalore

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-22-5

செவ்வியல் இலக்கியங்களுள் பிற துறைகள் பயிலரங்க ஆய்வுக்கோவை

ஸ்ரீ சேவுகன் அண்ணாமலை கல்லூரி, தேவகோட்டை

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-23-2

Towards a clean Indian society


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-24-9

Pride of Commerce

Department of Commerce, Alagappa University, Karaikudi

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-25-6

Cleanliness as Godliness


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-26-3

Fifth National Conference on Recent Advancements in Business Practices

Nehru Institute of Management Studies, Coimbatore

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-27-0

National Conference on Innovative Technologies in Computer and Communication

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Velammal College of Engineering and Technology, Madurai

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-28-7

Statistical Approaches in Multidisciplinary Research

Dr.S.Vignesh and Mr.A.Philip Arokiadoss

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-29-4

Public Health Issues in Colonial Period: Cholera


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-30-0

Introduction to Mantras

Dr. S. Selvalakshmi

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-31-7

Quintessence of Library and Information Science

Synee Martin

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-33-1

Yoga Education

Dr. S. Selvalakshmi

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-34-8

Anatomy and Physiology

Dr. S. Selvalakshmi

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-36-2

An Introduction to Archaeology

P. Rajendran, C. Santhalingam

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-37-9

Introduction to Grid and Cloud Computing

Dr.R.Deepalakshmi, Dr.P.Alli and M.Shyni Beaulah

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-38-6

Principles of Human Resource Management


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-39-3

தமிழர்களின் தொல்பாசனம்

ச.மா. இரத்னவேல்

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-40-9

National Conference on Impact of Globalisation on Language and Literature

Dept. of English, Hindi & Kannada, Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain First Grade College, Kolar Gold Fields

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-42-3

Sports Management


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-43-0

Biomechanics in Sports and Exercise

Dr. M. Rajkumar

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-44-7

Health Education and Sports Medicine


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-45-4

Foundations of Physical Education

Dr. M. Rajkumar

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-46-1

Ethos of Tamil Culture

Department of History, Devanga Arts College, Aruppukottai

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-47-8

Fundamentals of Android (FOA V.1)

N. Ravin Acharya

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-48-5

Learning Biology through Multimedia

Dr. R. Bagdha Vatchala Perumal

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-49-2

Digital Fundamentals and Computer Organization

Rekha R Pillai

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-50-8

Social Exclusion – A Human Rights Perspectives


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-51-5

CE6511 Soil Mechanics Laboratory

Prof.M.Ravichandran and Er.T.Srinath

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-52-2

Sociology of Excluded Communities in India


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-53-9

தமிழரின் மரபுகளும் மாற்றங்களும்

10வது தேசிய கருத்தரங்கக் கட்டுரைகள், நாட்டுப்புறவியல் ஆய்வாளர் மன்றம், தஞ்சாவூர்

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-54-6

Agricultural Extension Education and Rural Development


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-55-3

International Conference on Power & Energy Systems

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Velammal College of Engineering and Technology, Madurai

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-56-0

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy A Guide

S. Daniel Rajasundaram

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-57-7

National Level Seminar on Quality Approaches in Enhancing Teaching and Learning Process

Adhiparasakthi College of Education, Vellore

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-58-4

Design and Management of Computer Networks

Dr.K.Sasi Kala Rani, Dr.D.Rasi

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-59-1

Software Engineering

Dr. D. Rasi, Ms. M. Indirani

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-60-7

Emerging Newer Identities in Bharati Mukherjee’s Novels


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-61-4

படித்தல் திறன் மேம்பாடு

முனைவர் பா.பத்மா

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-62-1

Internationalization Process & Strategies from SME Perspective

Dr.G.Jayanthi, Dr.R.Amudha

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-63-8

An Evaluation on Health Education of Disabled Children in India

Dr.AR.Saravanakumar, Dr.J.Sujathamalini

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-64-5

A Study of Energizing English Language Teaching with Select Technology

Dr. K. M. Sumathi

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-65-2

Computer Applications for Automation

R.Kaviyarasi, M.Neelamegan

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-66-9

The Secret of Mind and Beyond

Dr. J. Vignesh Shankar

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-67-6

Computer Organization

Dr. S.Vijayalakshmi

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-70-6

Dalit Women in Politics

R. Vasanthi

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-71-3

Basics in Educational Research


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-72-0

One Day National Conference on Digital Transformation Journey a Vehicle of New Age

Departments of Commerce & Management Studies, Sri Bhagawan mahaveer Jain First Grade College, Kolar Gold Fields

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-73-7

கால்நடை மருத்துவயியல்

வேளாண் அறிவியல் தமிழ் இயக்கம், புதுதில்லி

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-74-4

கால்நடை நலயியல்

வேளாண் அறிவியல் தமிழ் இயக்கம், புதுதில்லி

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-75-1

கால்நடை உற்பத்தியியல்

வேளாண் அறிவியல் தமிழ் இயக்கம், புதுதில்லி

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-76-8


வேளாண் அறிவியல் தமிழ் இயக்கம், புதுதில்லி

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-77-5

கால்நடை அடிப்படையியல்

வேளாண் அறிவியல் தமிழ் இயக்கம், புதுதில்லி

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-78-2

Teaching of Mathematics

S. Anbalagan

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-79-9

CO2 Emission Mitigation through Energy Conservation – A Practical Guide

Marudhappan T Sambandam

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-80-5

Assesment of Professional Commitment of Teacher Educators

Dr. G. Ponselvakumar

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-81-2

National Seminar Committee on 21ST Century Skills, Education & Competitiveness

Merit College of Education, Ambai

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-82-9

1D and 2D Signal Processing Using MATLAB and GUI

T.Prathiba, S.Nisharani

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-83-6

மாட்டுப் பண்ணை தொழில் முனைவோர்க்கு

Dr. சி. வெள்ளதுரை, Dr. சு.அழகர், Dr. ம.செல்வராஜு, Dr. இரா.இசக்கியல் நெப்போலியன்

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-84-3

Operating Systems

G. Susan Shiny, S. Rathnamala, M. Prabhanthakumar

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-85-0

Discrete Mathematics and Numerical Methods

Dr. T. Gandhimathi

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-86-7

Petals of Roses

Dr.R.Rita Yasodha

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-87-4

Climate Change, Environment and Agricultural Development in India (CCEADI-2017)

Department of Economics, GTN Arts College, Dindigul

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-88-1

Roses and Pearls

Y. Benet

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-89-8

விவசாயிகளுக்கான கறவை மாடு வளர்ப்பு மற்றும் பசுந்தீவன உற்பத்தி முறைகள்

பி.என்.ரிச்சர்டு ஜெகதீசன், வே.ஜெயலலிதா, செ.அழகுதுரை

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-90-4

International Conference on Functional Materials (ICFM)

PG and Research Department of Chemistry, Thiagarajar College, Madurai

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-91-1

Postcolonial Perspectives of Gita Mehta’s Raj and a River Sutra

Dr. M. Sri Vidhya @ Thangalakshmi

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-92-8


Dr. M. Sri Vidhya @ Thangalakshmi

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-93-5

Management – Schools of Thought

Dr. P. Kannadas

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-94-2

International Conference on Global Talent Management in the Digital Era

Departments of MBA, MCA & M.Sc. IT, Fatima College, Madurai

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-95-9

Strategic Human Resource Management


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-96-6

Method of Teaching Biological Science

Dr. G. Sivakumar, K.A. Antony Samy

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-97-3

Sri Aurobindo and Teilhard De Chardin-A Comparative Study


» ISBN: 978-93-86537-98-0

Tax Reforms in India

PG Department of Commerce (SF), Cardamom Planters’ Association College, Bodinayakanur

» ISBN: 978-93-86537-99-7