978-93-88398 Series

ISBN 978-93-88398 Series

Digital Electronics (EC8392)

Dr.P.Maniraj Kumar, Dr.J.Sangeetha, Dr.P.Thirumurugan

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-00-8

Proceedings of the National Conference on Advances in Structural and Construction Engineering (ASCE – 2018)

Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, Annamalai University, Chidambaram

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-01-5

சமன மருந்துவம் தமிழர் வாழ்வியல் மருந்துவம்

ஆசிரியர் டாக்டர் ஜெ.ஜெயவெங்கடேஷ்

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-02-2

Proceedings of the One Day National Conference on “Recent Trends and Innovative Teaching Methodology in Higher Education”

Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain First Grade College, Kolar Gold Fields

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-03-9

Significance Differently Abled in Arabic Pedagogy and Literature

Madras University, Chennai

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-04-6

Holistic Fitness and Wellness A Brilliant Life Style

Dr.Sinoj Joseph OSH

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-05-3

Siddha Diagnostic Uroscopy


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-06-0

Commit to be Fit

Dr.Sinoj Joseph OSH

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-07-7

21ம் நூற்றாண்டின் ஆரோக்கியத்தின் வில்லன் யார்?

மருத்துவர் ஜோ. கந்தன் திருமலை

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-09-1

Contemporary India and Education (தற்கால இந்தியாவில் கல்வி)

Dr.AR.Saravanakumar, K.Paavizhi, S.Floral Jeya

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-10-7

My 22 Terrific Poems

Rohitvishwa T

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-11-4

இயற்கை சார்ந்த மண்வள பாதுகாப்பு

தமிழ்நாடு வேளாண்மைப் பல்கலைக்கழகம், திருவாரூர் மாவட்டம்

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-12-1

Communication Skills and Employability: A Case in India / An Anthology of Research Articles

Dr.T.Senthamarai, Dr.M.R.Chandran

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-13-8

Concrete and Highway Engineering Laboratory

Er.J.Anitha, Er. Srinath T

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-14-5

Replacement Migration: A Kerala Experience

Jomon Mathew

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-15-2

விவசாயிகளின் வளமான வாழ்விற்கு ஆடு வளர்ப்பு

பி.என்.ரிச்சர்டு ஜெகதீசன், கே.ஷிபி தாமஸ், வே.ஜெயலலிதா

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-16-9

வெண்பா மழை


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-17-6

Axioms of Accommodation Operations

Rameshkumar Gunasekaran

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-18-3

Sustainable Buildings

Dr.S.Karthiyaini, Dr.M.ShanmugaSundaram

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-19-0

International Conference on Exploring Nanostructures for Enhanced Power Conversion Efficiency of Solar Cells (ICENES-2019)

The Gandhigram Rural Institute (Deemed to be University), Gandhigram

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-20-6

Water Resource Management in India

Dr. S. Pichaipillai

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-21-3

Innovations in Education


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-22-0

Education for Sustainable Development


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-23-7



» ISBN: 978-93-88398-24-4

3rd International Conference on Recent Trends in Microbiology (RTM-2019)

Alagappa University, Karaikudi

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-26-8

One Day National Seminar On Emerging Issues in Business and Management

PG & Research Department of Commerce, Vivekananda College, Madurai

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-27-5

12th National Conference on Modern Biological Sciences

SNMV College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-28-2

People’s Saint: Mother Teresa

Dr.G.Valli, Dr.N.Geetha, Dr.C.Hilda Devi, Dr.A.Usha Raja Nandhini

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-29-9

Know Kodaikanal: Mashroom

Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-30-5

Energy and Environment: Problems and Prospects

PG Department of Economics, NSS Hindu College, Kerala

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-31-2

Collection of Commerce Articles

Hajee Karutha Rowther Howdia College, Uthamapalayam

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-32-9

Innovations in Business and Management

Department of Commerce, The American College, Madurai

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-34-3

தமிழ் இலக்கியங்களில் வரலாற்றுப் பதிவுகள்

தமிழ்த் துறை, ஆதித்தனார் கலை மற்றும் அறிவியல் கல்லூரி, திருச்செந்தூர்

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-35-0

தமிழ்மொழி வரலாறும் தமிழர் மருத்துவ அறிவியலும்

கோகிலா சித்த மருத்துவமனை & ஆராய்ச்சி மையம், மதுரை

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-36-7

One Day National Seminar on Impact of Technology in Business

Department of Business Administration, Ananda College, Devakottai

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-37-4

International Seminar on Cancer: Diet, Life Style Links and Newer Management

Holy Cross Home Science College, Thoothukudi

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-38-1

Social Exclusion and Inclusion of Transgender


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-39-8

International Conference on Innovations in Engineering, Science and Technology

Kalasalingam Institute of Technology, Krishnankoil, India

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-42-8

Restoration of Water Bodies in Madurai

Er. B. Raj Preethan

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-43-5

Total Quality: The Beginner’s Guide

Dr.K.Abdus Samad, Dr.K.Mohamed Jasim & Dr.A.K.M.Ahasanul Haque

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-44-2

Digital Learning in Teacher Education


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-45-9

Technology Enabled Learning


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-46-6

11th National Symposium cum Workshop on “Recent Trends in Structural Bioinformatics and Computer Aided Drug Design” [SBCADD’2019]

Department of Bioinformatics, Alagappa University, Karaikudi, India

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-47-3

Organic Farming and Sustainable Agriculture (Agri-Biotech)

Prist University, Madurai Campus, India

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-48-0

Economic Burden of Pollution in India


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-49-7

Environment and Health


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-50-3

Small Business Finance and Management (from small coins to big bucks)

Tom Mokweri Nyamache

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-51-0

Facets of Digital Marketing


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-52-7

Object Oriented Programming Using Java

S.Jeevitha, M.Indirani & Dr.D.Rasi

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-53-4

A Brief Review of Irrigation Projects in India

Suresh M V

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-54-1

Pampa Irrigation Project: An Impact Analysis

Suresh M V

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-55-8

Web Technology

Dr.D.Rasi & M.Indirani

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-57-2

Programming in Python

Dr.K.N.Sivabalan, Dr.J.Janet & Dr.V.Anand Kumar

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-58-9

Sustainable Water Resource Management Issues and Prospects


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-59-6

மதிப்புக் கூட்டப்பட்ட பால் பொருட்கள்

வே. ஜெயலலிதா, பி.என். ரிச்சர்டு ஜெகதீசன் & கே. ஷிபி தாமஸ்

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-60-2

Electric Energy Generation, Utilization and Conservation

Dr.N.Karpagam, Dr.R.Narmatha Banu, Dr.S.Dhanalakshmi and Dr.A.Shunmugalatha

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-61-9

Trends in Digital Marketing


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-62-6

Smart City and Women Empowerment


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-63-3

Water Resource Management Issues and Prospects


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-64-0

Two Day National Seminar on Crime Prevention Strategies

Department of Forensic Science, Annai Fathima College of Arts and Science, Madurai

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-65-7

Performance of Public Sector Banks in India

B.Sudha & Dr.T.R.Gurumoorthy

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-66-4

International Conference Proceedings Innovative Strategies of Management in the Globalized ERA – 2019

Department of Management Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, India

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-67-1

Implications of Internet Marketing


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-68-8

Engineering Graphics

R.Govindaraj & K.M.Eazhil

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-69-5

Computer Networks

P.Revathi & S.Gomathi

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-71-8

Marvels of Macroalgae: Kappahycus Alvarezii and Gracilaria Dura

Dr.Biji Cyriac

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-72-5

Proceedings of the International Conference on Trends in Technology ICTT’19

Department of CS & IT, Nadar Saraswathi College of Arts & Science, Theni

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-73-2

Two Day National Seminar on Military History of Tamil Country through the Ages

S.Rajagopal, Dr.D.Uma, R.Praiya & Dr.P.Sindhu

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-74-9

MSMEs in India: Opportunities and Challenges

Dr.E.Arumuga Gandhi

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-75-6

Research Methods in Social Sciences (A Theoretical Outlook)

Dr. Vijayavel Jaganathan

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-76-3

Social Capital Formation in Kerala

Dr Vidhya I.V.

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-77-0

A One-Day National Level Seminar on State, Society and Culture of Tamilnadu

PG & Research Department of History, APA College for Women

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-78-7

செவ்வியல் படைப்புகளில் பன்முகப் பார்வை

முனைவர் பெ. சுமதி

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-79-4

Gender and Time Use

Dr. R. Ramya

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-80-0

Camel Model Analysis for Banks

B. Sudha

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-82-4

Environmental Management Issues and Prospects


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-83-1

E-Content on Learning Physics

Dr.N.Sudha Kumari & Dr.G.Rexlin Jose

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-84-8

Indian Icons


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-85-5

Fireworks Production and Safety

Dr.P.Pitchipoo, Dr.P.Marichamy & Dr.S.Johnson Raja

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-86-2

Proceedings of the International Conference on Frontiers in Smart System Technologies(FSST)-2019

Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr.Sagunthala R & D Institute of Science and Technology

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-87-9

National Conference on Recent Trends in Computer Science and Mathematics (RTCSM)

B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent Institute of Science & Technology, Deemed to be University u/s 3 of the UGC Art, 1956.

» ISBN:978-93-88398-88-6

Human Computer Interaction

Dr.I.Jasmine Selvakumari Jeya, Ms.M.Uma Priya & Ms.M.Revathi

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-89-3

International Conference on Emerging Trends in Banking, Insurance and International Trade

Lt.Cdr.Dr.I.Nagarajan, Thiagarajar College, Madurai

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-90-9

Missionary Selling

Prof.K.Abdus Samad, Dr.A.K.M. Ahasanul Haque & Dr.A.Jainullabdeen

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-91-6

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-92-

Educational Evaluation

Dr.M.சண்முகரேவதி, Dr.G.ராஜேஸ்வரி & Dr.A.R.சரவணகுமார்

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-93-0

IT6004 – Software Testing, (For Common to B.E CSE & IT Branches)

Dr.R.Kavitha & Mr.D.Kaleeswaran

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-95-4

Financial Inclusion for Inclusive Growth

Dr.V.Ganesh Kumar & Dr.C.Paramasivan

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-96-1

Hosagannada Sahityada Prerane, Prabhava Mattu Vaividhyategalu

Department of Kannada
Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain First Grade College

» ISBN: 978-93-88398-98-5

Fostering Scientific Temper in Business Research


» ISBN: 978-93-88398-99-2