Vol 8 No 2 (October 2020) SIJASH

Geopolitical Dynamics of the Persian Gulf and Central Asia in the US Global Policy

Enayatollah Yazdani

A Study of the Art of Painting in Kabul
Abdul Qadir Sarwari

Hope in Hopelessness: Appreciating “Waiting” as an Essential Device in Selected Plays of Beckett and Ahmad
Rahman M Mahbub, Shahnaj Parvin

Concept of Law, Dharma and Justice: An Insight to Hindu Jurisprudence
Upasana Borah, Monika Bharati, Mukesh Chopra, Abhishek Bharati

Transcending Natural Resource Management towards Clinch of Internal Security: Some Evidences from India
Amit Vishwakarma, Afshan Naz Quazi

Dark Tourism Sites in India: A Review
Neha Kumari

Problems Affecting Physics Learning and its Effect on the Academic Performance of Students in Integrated Teacher Training Programme
P Noufal, Param Preet Kaur, K G Ambady, M U Paily

On Heterodox Economics
B Pradeep Kumar

Child Friendly Juvenile Police through Social Work Approach
P Kavitha, K Sekar, K K Subair

Political and Social Status of Women in Pre and Post Independent India
T Sudalai Moni

Impact of Carnatic Raga-s on the Milk Yield of Cows
J Sankar Ganesh

An Empirical Study on Awareness of Disaster Management among Students and Staff of Various Colleges / Schools (With Special Reference to Madurai City)
A Margaret Divya

Technical Terms and Thirugnana Sambandhar
S Subbulakshmi

Research Output of Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai during 2014- 2018: A Scientometric Analysis using Excel Sheet
L Radha

A Time to Cross the Barriers of Patriarchy: A Scheme for Women Self Help Groups in Odisha
Saubhagyalaxmi Singh

Types of Earthenwares and its Uses
M Anbarasu, N K Sathyamoorthy

Health Hazards of Industrial Workers: Preventive Measures
A Sangamithra, P Sindia

A Study on Recycling of Timber Waste and Fertilizer Production using Solar Powered Forced Air Supply
P Rajkumar